Monday, 2 June 2014

Half-term together!

I know what the weather will be like in late July. It will be overcast, rainy and chillier than the week before or after. The only day the weather was good during this half-term was the last day, Sunday, when I was going to fly back to Sweden for two and half weeks of teaching and the preparations for teaching before the next spurt of holiday in late June across the Midsummer. Then Number One Son will be at school so it will be bound to be sunny.

Tuesday: climbing

This half-term was all about ordinary things cut by some more half-termy activities. We did take bus to the city centre on Bank Holiday Monday when Archaeologist Husband had to go to work in Birmingham. We went to check the Disney shop and had a McDonalds chicken nugget treat. Sadly, I had to drag Number One Son through some clothes shops, since I do need some new clothes for field school – for the hot Italy in August. When I will miss trips to southern England with Archaeologist Husband and Number One Son. Sigh!

The river Cam at Lammas Land

Tuesday was all about normal weekly food shop and a fair amount of running and climbing in the park, whereas Wednesday saw the less successful swimming trip. Our safety conscious son does not like to go to the water that is deeper than his thighs. I think a career in Health & Safety will be looming... If not in paleontology. On Thursday I and Number One Son headed to Cambridge, where the short walking distances across many pedestrian lanes, free museums, river, tourists in the punts and swans along the river, an old times’ sweet shop and a cheap lunch in The Regal guarantee a successful treat away. When it comes to the dinosaurs, normally the bigger the better, but this time ammonites proved to be a success as well.


On Friday we had a family day in the garden centre and revisited a pub where we have not been for a couple of years due to the declining quality of food. Well, it had improved – but not much. Now we can wait a couple of years again. Saturday was the lazy day in the garden whereas Sunday morning saw a play date in the sunny park. A full week of togetherness.

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