Monday, 26 May 2014

Hugs all around

Finally, finally, I am back home again after a longer stretch away due to the family holidays in Finland and Sweden. How it feels good - although I have not started with the mail, yet, since it is Bank Holiday Monday. The day is extraordinary, since Archaeologist Husband is away for work - the only day his boss and collaborator could make due to the elections last week. Thus, I am left to entertain Mr Wriggly, who was enthusiastically hugging us both both in the evening, when I arrived just for time for bedtime story, and now in the morning. I surely have been missed - and the bedtime story reading was longer than normally, since I have to encourage his questions for developmental support.

The developmental assessment has come through and Number One Son is significantly delayed. However, there seems to be slight differences of opinion between the professionals how significant the delay is, so we will see. As a Finn I am not totally worried, yet, since most Finns know that the developmental differences are wide until 7, although it is clear he will require help at school in England and will miss the targets for 5-year-olds. But what can you do, except trying to support a happy and confident child, who makes constant progress - although it is not swift and quick. Luckily, some of the fuss can be blamed on a certain Education Secretary who does really not know much about the different speeds of development in young childs. Nevertheless, keeping eye on progress is never to be underestimated, but the support should be automatic for all children.

The SEN rules are changing, so what the future brings is not perfectly clear. Archaeologist Husband has to arrange a meeting with the school and we will see. I hope I will be in the country on that day, since even if I have been working away, I do follow carefully the situation. Is it responsible parenting - or just parenting...

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