Sunday, 15 June 2014

Father has to make his own cake – with Son

For this Father’s Day Archaeologist Husband got his card two weeks early. Luckily, I had noticed the Father’s’ Day’s cards in the supermarket, so I could pick up a suitable one that included a ‘Best Dad’ pin or similar. The card lauded the qualities of the father in comparison to million bucks/quids. Considering how marvellous job his does meticulously when I am working away, he deserves all the praise I can offer.

Not The Cake, but with Ganache - as the one baked (thanks, wikipedia)

It was heart-warming to hear that the school Number One Son goes to, had a similar Daddies’ event day as it had for Mummies. Archaeologist Husband had forgotten to tell me about the latter, since he felt sidelined when a special invitation letter had come from the school to the mothers: he did not remember it was before the Mother’s Day... Now he got his turn!

All the usual suspects where there: South African Dad, Congolese Dad, Carpenter Dad, Business Dad and others one has seen in different birthday parties and children’s events in the village. One feels for the kids who do not have father who comes around: some fathers just do not wish to have anything to do with their off-spring. However, even the best of mothers and fathers have to work, so you cannot have everybody there any way.

Somehow it is uplifting and sad that Number One Son and Archaeologist Husband were baking a cake yesterday. Uplifting, since it is an activity they both enjoy and like. Sad, since it is basically Archaeologist Husband’s Father’s Day cake. Although on one level he may be lucky and make a close escape, since I am not famous for my baking skills. In addition, Archaeologist Husbands chocolate and walnut cakes have been a success among the other mothers. Hmm, wait a minute – should I be a little bit worried...?

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