Sunday, 22 June 2014

Midsummer sunshine

How can one feel guilty of Midsummer celebrations that do not really involve alcohol and happen in the middle of the day on Midsummer afternoon, not in the rowdier evening of the Midsummer Eve? The reason is the hot sunshine and real barbecue weather in Midlands in comparison with the rain and hail and almost freezing temperatures in Finland. It just felt so unfair that the Finnish family party in England was basking in sunshine. Nevertheless, the half-term week had been so dismal that we deserve some sunny weather.

The barbecue celebration allowed a visit to Eestimaja, the Estonian cultural club, that I had not visited before. A long time ago I and other Finns did frequent the Polish Club in Bristol, but this was a new experience. Sadly, I was driving and attending the party with Number One Son, so any Viru Valge was beyond the limits. Any way, 70 % version could have been lethal. I stuck in their lovely little bar to my standard Tonic Water with ice and lemon...

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