Sunday, 8 June 2014

Princess Leonore and Number One Son

Today Princess of Leonore of Sweden was christened. This effected my life when I caught a glimpse of soldiers on horses in the city centre in Stockholm. I also reminded my mother that the christening took place today, so she could watch it on TV in Finland. There were also lovely photos of the little baby girl in the Finnish papers I glimpsed online today. A little girl reminds one that one is a mother to a son and will never live through the pink fluff that seems to fill little girls' life these days. It is shameful to admit that I sometimes I walk through a department store and look at the little cute party dresses for girls and think that it would be nice to buy those for my own daughter. But would I have? I have only managed to buy "lovely, but functional" dresses to my niece. The biggest nod to the "pinkification of girls' lives" was when I bought some princess items for Number One Son's Number One Cousin and a birthday present to Number One Friend.

Cousins, princesses Leonore and Estelle of Sweden

More than anything the new princess who actually lives in New York with her mother, Princess Madeleine of Sweden, and his father, reminds me of distance. However, our life is slightly more extreme than the life of a princess who is separated from his grandparents: Number One Son is in one country today and I am in the other. Nevertheless, we could Skype together, so we both have a contact. These are moments one wishes that the distance "kissing machine" Horowitz tried in the Big Bang Theory becomes a reality. Not to mention the improvements to the long-distance marrige...

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