Sunday, 1 February 2015

Relieved with progress

Even if this week has been busy with the big event in Stockholm and I have been forced to neglect my normal bedtime skyping routine for restaurant meals with colleagues, I have been skyping home irregularly. I managed to snatch a moment after most people had left the reception after the book release at Stockholm and see my son after school on Friday and disrupt his plans to build a spaceship on Saturday morning. It has been snowing both in Anstey and Stockholm and we adults could exchange notes on the weather and the wetness on the snow.

These two skype events were a source of joy and pride when it turned out that Number One Son had finally started to draw and write texts on his own without adult intervention. He had scribbled different angry birds and naughty pigs and wrote different names and words below. This is something his peers have been done probably for one or two years, but our son had not been interested in drawing until recently. Writing has been a source of struggle, but the letters I saw were much more confidently made than anything I managed to get him do before and during the Christmas holiday.

The fact that Number One Son is writing voluntarily shows that we have not managed to put him off on that. Archaeologist Husband has tried to do regular exercises with him and now we all can see the fruits of his efforts. Now he has to mentor Number One Son to give a presentation in front of the class, but luckily the chose subject, Shelley Number 2, our cat, is his favourite!

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