Sunday, 15 February 2015

Bloody noses and loving kisses

A return home is always a reality check, even if now it seems that I will come home at least temporarily in May. The car had broken down, so there was going to be no Finnish Saturday School, since we were waiting the garage getting the gearbox fixed. Number One Son has grown several centimetres in just two weeks, so both shoes are all getting small at the same time and the school uniform trousers are getting that slightly short comedy look. The birthday party will need serious sorting out, since I have only paid for the deposit and have to go to the site and pay and collect the invitation sheets. Not to mention having to send the invitations. In addition, Number One Son had flacked one of the classmates to the nose in a heat of the moment, so there were muted stories from Miss Teacher about the messy situation and understanding words about Number One Son's current social underdevelopment. At least he was being very sorry afterwards. Nevertheless, our son was on a green card and I had to sign his progress. Happily, he had collected a series of stickers for good behaviour during the last two school days.

New Walk Museum before Cambridge!

Archaeologist Husband is waiting for the promised contracts to materialise, so he and Number One Son had eaten basically all the food. When the car was back on road, one of the first things was a huge shopping trip to Aldi to fit the cupboards with cereals, juice and cold cuts. The busy working life has not allowed much planning for the half-term, but since I have to go to Cambridge, I can read from my cards, which museum and which playground we are going to visit.

Even if Number One Son still has miles to go in his social development, his emotional development is galoping ahead. He is now formulating in words constantly that he is missing me and saying that he loves me. He wants to give and get kisses and have family hugs. In addition, his reading is much better and one can now have a discussion with him about life, school and different matters. It is marvellous to see how a couple of months really makes a difference!

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