Saturday, 7 February 2015

Growing fast

Suddenly I am really realizing that my marvellous little boy is not that small any more. Across Skype I suddenly see this grinning joker with mile-long arms and slim legs. He covers the tablet as a joke and keeps wriggling and teasing me until the story I read in the flowing Finnish gets him sleepy. Or he follows the young cat, which like my son is growing and becoming slender with long limbs and jiggy movements when jumping around awake. The cat often sleeps in Number One Son's room at the bed time and thus it is continuously in his mind. He can cuddle the cat, but not the mummy!

However, it seems that Archaeologist Husband is becoming younger. He has found a joy of drawing Angry Birds, following the instructions in an Angry Bird drawing book. He tries to convince me that this is a joint game with Number One Son - even if Number One Son does not really join the drawing. He apparently likes to play with the resulting 'bird cards'. Nevertheless, I am getting suspicious. We do not have the sports car or Harley Davidson, yet, but Indiana Jones costume does point to the certain direction. Archaeologist Husband already last autumn started to fret how we will celebrate our fifties this year - which actually will happen - NO-O-O, I do not tell you, yet! After all, he is in reality five months younger than me...

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