Saturday, 24 January 2015

Travelling Mom eats cake

A work trip happens almost by definition without one's family unless in unusual part work, part holiday circumstances or when the parents do the work in turns while the one not working is tending the child. Alone work trips can be a source of guild, when your working day ends up actually being quite nice. Naturally, this work trip to Rome has had its share of awful winter weather with my old wondering returning when being wet and miserable in a bus or tram or underground and marvelling at the dropless suede shoes of impeccable Romena, while I and my Finnish [female] colleagues are wet up to our knees. Do they levitate? I could wash the floors at the Swedish Institute in Rome while walking around...

However, today it was a brilliant, if windy and chilly day. I and my colleague went to my old fieldwork destination in Nepi and were shown around by the lovely museum director. We even got a private tour of the catacombs. But it was the meal that was the highlight of the day. The local Casa Tuscia still makes the lovely first courses and desserts. I ended up eating the Geometria di cioccolato a portion so grande that I am still rolling around writing this. Archaeologist Husband has also eaten there, so I am not sure, if he know believes, when I say how hard I am working away!

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