Sunday, 17 August 2014

Skype Mom in action - again

The past two weeks have seen me out of my normal routines while teaching in the field school. During this time I have been skyping in late afternoon instead of reading a bedtime story, so Number One Son has not been hearing any Finnish at all. Instead I have been talking to Archaeologist Husband and my son at the same time and basically losing to any good children's TV programme. However, I have heard about the first ever Flying Fox ride in the park and seen that the son had got his daily portion of chocolate. I was also introduced to the Gap A that Archaeologist Husband had bought as a present after Number One Son learnt to write his name (we do not bribe, we follow 'practical parenting').

Now our flypaths are criscrossing Europe: I returned to Sweden to work early this morning while Number One Son and Archaeologist Husband flew a few hours later to Jersey for a family holiday to see Bam Bam and Great-Grandmother. I have already got texts telling that they have been building a sand castle on the beach on rainy Jersey. Now I just have to imagine how excited Number One Son was last year when the incoming tide wiped the sand castle away. It would be lovely to share those moments, but sadly first I have to build some models and provide photos of them for the students for their reports this week.

In Casablanca movie they say that we will always have Paris, but I can say that we will always have Brookside and fishing net... Not as romantic, but one of those defining moments of this summer with Mom. Now I only have to stay awake to do my skyping!

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