Monday, 28 July 2014

More Holiday!

Riding a fire engine

Our two and half weeks is almost over, but it has included a lot of local enjoyment in the lovely sunny and warm weather. We have visited Queen's Park in Loughborough and rode in a local bus that passed all the lovely villages in Charnwood, such as Swithland and Woodhouse Eaves. The park has an aviary with colourful parrots and the best playground I have ever seen in the area. It also has the local Charnwood museum we could visit for free. There was a carousel in the main square and an ice cream van at the park gate. A perfect short-distance summer visit.

In the Queen's Park

We also went to the City Farm and created an animal mask with some of Number One Friends. I and Number One Son revisited Abbey Park, since there is always things to see and do.

Gorse Hill City Farm

Number One Son also participated in an archaeological community dig in Anstey, but he was more interested in the tree house and the paddling pool in our friends' garden. However, he got really excited about troweling worms. Archaeologist Husband was giving a lecture on Medieval brick and tile elsewhere for a community group, but he managed to meet us afterwards in a newly opened family pub in the village. Splendid end to a splendid day!

Digging worms

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