Sunday, 24 August 2014

Different styles

Now that Number One Son has had different periods of holiday with me and Archaeologist Husband, it has become clearer how differently we handle the time with our son. Naturally, since the work has taken me to Italy and kept me in Stockholm, he has been the one who has taken Number One Son to the family visits and beach holiday in Jersey (although the weather was not the best, but the normal British summer weather). These things we would have done together - as we have before - if the schedules had allowed. Now I managed to get a glimpse of hotel room ceiling (instead of son's room ceiling) on Skype.

The real difference is in the way we are with Number One Son and what we do. When I was in Anstey, I and Number One Son headed to Bradgate Park or Abbey Park to fish, climb or feed the birds. We did a trip to Loughborough in order to see Queen's Park and we did go place with his friends, too. Archaeologist Husband on the other hand has started to teach Number One Son how to write his own name and different numbers on the blackboard. He has also been visiting the local park in order to keep him in contact with any children he knows from the school and who play in the park, too. His approach is more local and more educational. Mine is more exploring and adventurous. I think he need them both.

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