Sunday, 13 July 2014

End of the term

It is not only the end of the school term and school year but it is an end of an era. Number One Son is not in the reception class any more: he will start Class 1 at the end of August. He has now started to take scooter to school, kicking his way with increasing speed that raises the hair of me and Archaeologist Husband. He may not read or write, but spiritliftingly he is not unique. I heard in the NCT coffee group about another boy who did not do those things at the end of the reception class. He successfully managed to learn them during the first proper year. He and his brother do not like drawing either - a feature Number One Son shares with them. Running and climbing - yes. Drawing with pens - no. Clearly, not all develop with the same speed nor have same interests, but the education system had problems in acknowledging that. Do not get me even started about the opinions of the current Minister of Education who does have little understanding of the early development and its diversity.

One should probably consider changing the name of the blog, since Number One Son is not a toddler any more. However, "Two archaeologists and a schoolboy" does not have the same air in it. One could of course use the developmental age of Number One Son as a guide: if he is about three and a half or four, he could go as a toddler one more year.

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