Sunday, 18 January 2015

Birthdays and conferences

January is always the time when I try to book any coming spring travel due to flight sales going on. I actually managed to bag a bargain for Number One Son's birthday trip - that also seconds as a quadruple or so conference trip and Easter holiday due to how our collective timetables have panned out. Having two archaeologist and a school child in a family means that at least one of us has to be home during the term time to do the school run. These 'disciplined' days it is not OK to take your child to Cardiff or even abroad during the school term without a dead close relative or some kind of once in a life time short-term event. Thus, first we do a joint visit to a conference, then I fly away and then Archaeologist Husband clocks in two different occasions. Luckily, there will be also time for a joint holidaying, but not much.

January is also a time when one will start eyeing the new job opportunities. The end of a contract comes nearer and nearer - and even if it will be nice to arrive home, a steady income is always a lovely thing. Sadly, managing work and family leaves little time for additional paperwork. In addition, the fixed interview dates are not always great when you realise that you will be in another country by default on the date.

In any case, Number One Son's birthday party locale has been booked and I only have to go and settle the balance during the half-term. Now we are just wondering, if it will be OK to take the birthday boy on his correct birthday date to a conference function. That will mean both parents present and potentially networking, but inevitably a short visit and orange juice for me!

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