Sunday, 18 May 2014

No targets in sight

This week saw Number One Son’s assessment by the paediatrician. The doctor was apparently quite happy, but I think Archaeologist Husband did not tell how much his drawing skills are behind the others. He can do a fine volcano and a dinosaur looks remotely as a real one, but any human figure is rudimentary. One of Number One’s schoolmates asked me about his mother figure, which had my one eye in the right place but the other on my chin and the figure was basically a head with a scarf downwards. At that moment I was speechless, but I probably have to start explaining to other children that with Number One Son it will take slightly longer.

Now all the offices, professionals and agencies will need our approval that they can speak to each other. Well, self-evidently they will get it, since we want that Number One Son will be monitored, even if he is probably just a late developer with a speech difficulty. In Finland this would not be a problem, but in England he will go to Class 1 in the autumn. He will probably fail all the targets for 5-year-olds that will not trouble us so much but is likely to be a bit of a headache for the school.

Thus they may hope some kind of diagnosis that would help them to explain to the Department of Education why the lateness is the case. In Finland the fact that he is a five-year old would be enough. Nothing is expected properly before seven there.

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