Sunday, 17 November 2013

The power of ‘surf board’

A tablet computer is called ‘surfplatta’ in Swedish. This term makes me smile a little bit every single time; well, we all use it most to surf, don't we? Number One Son’s godless father has uploaded a photo of him losing the fight against the tablet that shows Number One Son playing intensively with his tablet. Somehow I doubt it was the monkey counting game, even if he does like it as well.

We have now a new favourite at home: the Angry Birds. Number One Son's red mini-Daleks have now taken the role of the red birds, so the cars or whatever is playing the part of the green pigs in his imaginary games are definitely on the losing side. One just wonders, if this smash-up play will wane when the Doctor turns 50 in a week's time and Archaeologist Husband and Number One Son will share quality time together watching the anniversary episode. I just have to hope it will be repeated ad nauseam on BBC3 during the Christmas time, so I will get to see this source of joint joy.

The grasp of the Cars figures had waned already during this rise of the Daleks, but with the emergence of the Angry Birds Lightning McQueen could have lost altogether. However, all his cars and air planes are now involved in elaborate plays where the Dalek stand for good and other characters have been dedicated their own bit parts. This shows that our son is not turning into a 24-hour-playing monster, but learning important skills at the same time. He has finally started to ask me proper questions. Some children have run their parents crazy with their questions - we still have to reach that level.

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