Saturday, 9 November 2013

It is my turn! Just one more game...

It is surprising how much the daily routines changed when Number One Son got the tablet. Naturally, when I am in Sweden things are not normal anyway – and the mutual skyping was the reason he got the tablet in the first place. However, when at home, Number One Son can be bribed to do things with a promise of getting to play Angry Birds – or by the threat of taking the tablet and the Angly Birds in Space away. More effective than sweets but not necessarily as effective as the promise of jelly.

The scary part is that I quite like Angry Birds and Archaeologist Husband has suggested that downloading the game onto my mobile phone may be the end of my productivity for – like forever! Sometimes Number One Son comes to you offering the tablet and the possibility of playing one round only to take the tablet away before you can begin, since he is lured by the grinning green pigs. Sometimes we end up having a tug of war of the tablet when Number One Son wants to play and I just don’t want to let him to get the tablet just yet. Just one more round!

Some of the levels are more addictive than the others and often you have no idea what the particular birds do, if you poke them or tap the screen. Sometimes the bird just speeds to the opposite direction or disintegrates on the spot. Sometimes you have to know the special capacities in order to get through the level in the first place. If you do not know, you start to play the same level again – and again – and again – and again – and....

The way Number One Son has fathomed how to move the scene and zoom in and out is amazing. He is much better with the tablet than I am. He even often manages to find his favourite programmes on iPlayer. That is the other change. He does not have to wait for his favourite programmes anymore but can normally choose between a series of episodes of Sarah and Duck, Timmy Time, Shaun the Sheep, Octonauts and Abney and Teal. And watch a series of episodes of Swashbucklers.

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