Thursday, 23 February 2012

Re-enacting scenes

Yes, we are weak parents and Number One Son has seen Cars 2 now very many times, actually viewing it at this very moment. So many that he has started to recreate his favourite scene in the movie where Finn McMissile uses wires to move across the room and spy on the baddies in the air. The only difference is that his toy car is not sending its wires to four different directions and manoeuvring them three-dimensionally. No, he is using the handwash basin plug in the bathroom as a wire on which McMissile is made to balance. It is a cute sight – him standing on his little stool holding the plug on one hand and moving the toy car with the other.

His collection of cars also have long conversations with each other and socialize with Number One Son’s other toy cars. He is also re-enacting the tractor flipping from the original Cars movie. His blue tractor, his red tractor and his large green tractor often stand long periods of time on their rear wheels and pretend to be tractors tipping from the Cars.

Number One Son is also a big fan of the Toy Story trilogy. He does not have any characters from those movies but they probably could be seen placed in certain recognisable ways on the floor and recreating the train robbery scene from the Toy Story 3.

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