Thursday, 2 February 2012

Everyday Archaeology by the Secret Playground, Part 2

Another Sunday, another family walk. This Sunday Number One Son wanted to walk to the Secret Playground and I had another look at the ‘mound’, which has been puzzling me. This time Number One Son insisted in trying to walk up the slide even if the lowest part of it was covered by a water puddle. Naturally, he fell into it but was not too wet so we could continue our walk in the drizzly, cold weather.

The climb over the mound showed that actually there is cement poking through the grass. However, it still could be a pillbox from the Second World War. I assume the anti-aircraft weaponry could also be a possibility. After all, Anstey’s factories – although making shoes during peace times rather than metalwork – were still in full glory then.

Sadly, the archsearch at the web site of the Archaeological Data Service (ADS) did not show any pillboxes in our village. The nearest is outside Loughborough. Disappointingly, this suggests that the remains belong to a pile of building rubble, perhaps created for the slide.

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