Thursday, 16 February 2012

The law of half a banana

Toddlers can be fuzzy eaters and Number One Son is not without his quirks. At the moment he does not seem to eat potato in any form or shape. He probably would eat crips or crisp chips but the former give him tummy ache and the limp chips he got the other week did not appeal to him. He is also very particular on his choice of pasta. Give him a bog standard ravioli from a tin and it stays on the plate. Give him some of those bronze-died hard pastas, which have suddenly become fashionable and you have the same end result. What he likes is a plate of plain normal tube pasta with a homemade tomato sauce with a lash of cream or mozzarella.

Number One Son generally likes fruit but he does not like ripe bananas. He wants them greenish and firm. However, no matter what size the banana is, it seems that only a half will be eaten. The size does not seem to make any difference in this respect. It can be a normal-sized banana, a big banana, a fun-sized banana or one of those miniature fruits, there is always a half left on a table. I call this 'the law of half a banana'. 'Irrespective of the size of a banana, the other half will be rejected by a toddler"

In principle a parent probably should eat the half in order to enhance his/hers five a day. However, personally, I am not such a huge fan of bananas and also Archaeologist Husband just seems to move the half-eaten fruit to the fridge. Which is useless since NOBODY wants to eat half a banana that has been drying out and blackening in the fridge overnight.

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