Saturday, 4 July 2015

Zero in the phonics test

How does it feel to read the school report when the national test result is a round zero and many of the assessments are in grade 1 (the poorest)? It does not feel nice. However, as another mother of a SEN (Special Educational Needs) child said, you have to read the verbal assessment and try to ignore the scores. The scores just place Number One Son among other Class 1 students and do not take into account his real level of development, about a year behind the others. When compared to the average, he rarely does what is expected, but when one considers his personal achievements, they are marvellous.

His hand writing was practically illegible at the end of the reception or at the beginning of Year 1, but now he can keep a line and the form and the size of the letters is nearing the model hand writing. He suddenly started to talk all the time a couple of months ago, take part in singing and began to draw recognisable figures. His communication is less littered by physical signs of frustration, pushing and flapping his peers. If only he would not go from playing with a friend to wander off and concentrate in lone playing.

He is still not ready for football, taking the ball into his hands regularly. Thus, the number of birthday invitations has been dwindling with little boys enjoying football birthdays. The ones he gets he enjoys deeply, but his peers can get frustrated, since his communication still is behind and sentences are somewhat stilted. Nevertheless, now you get sensible answers to the questions related to the way school day went. One just has to continue with speaking practice, reading practice and writing exercises throughout the summer holiday. Year 2 will be a challenge again, but one has to follow his development and take pride and joy in visible development.

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