Saturday, 13 June 2015

Sunny Sunday along the Riverside

The first Sunday of June seems to be the time for leisurely festivals. Be it the Strawberry Fair in Cambridge that has lost most of its somewhat alternative and steamy flavour, or the Riverside Festival in Leicester. The Riverside Festival is the ultimate in sociable hours and community spirit. Actually, the programme finishes at the supper time the latest and there is a lot for younger children. Not the least because the main area is in Bede Park next to the playground.

On Saturday there was a Dragon Boat Race, but since on Sunday Castle Park became children’s activity area, it made more sense to head there then. It was also a lovely warm and sunny day. My good mood was instant when we found a parking space conveniently next to the Jewry Wall Museum.

We were there at the lunchtime, when not all crowds were there, so we could have a glimpse of swans in the canal before the number of people sent them packing up or down the canal. The first stop was the crafts stall where Number One Son made with me a lighthouse. Then it was time for an ice cream cone and some sitting time watching a ceilidh band playing. The Castle Hill was open, so we popped up the monument as well. One of the highlights of the day was the pet station, where Number One Son could pat baby goats and hold a chick in his hands.

We spent the longest of times next to the huge slide that was so tall that Number One Son could use only the shorter one at the lower level. He seems to have inherited my slight vertigo. Then it was time to test some of the rides in the fairground area. However, Number One Son was not impressed by the drumming workshop: it was too loud. Last but not least we walked by the riverside back to Castle Park.

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