Saturday, 2 May 2015

Sunny island, dark shadows

It is absolutely fantastic sitting quietly on our sofa and look at my son watching CBeebies cartoons and thinking that I will not know when I have to skype him the next time. I probably will eventually, but for now I can be a normal mum, do the school run and ponder what to give Number One Son to eat. Naturally, I will be editing a book with Archaeologist Husband and try to cut a monster of an article draft into two or three separate articles, one of which I may have promised to write yesterday - if they accept my abstract. The future is peppered by different dates when different grant awarding bodies have meetings. I can only wait. Not very patiently and being an eternal optimistic pessimist.

The last two weeks contained an unusual event when I tried to keep track of a family funeral via social medias. I was not present, but different family members uploaded photos and I could see the island in a bright sunlight with familiar faces in black clothing. The pair of little cousins looked weary or sad, but at least they saw each other after a long break. This was sadly not the only sad news event but like the buses a second item of bad news came in. They say that April is the cruellest month. This year it seemed to be.

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  1. Ihanaa olla varmasti taas kotona, nautit varmaan! Osanottoni surusi keskellä ja onnea hakuihin, vaikka ajatukset varmaan kiertävät nyt monia kehiä. Jaksamista siis!