Sunday, 10 May 2015

After election blues

Life begins to retain its normality and Number One Son starts to realize that I am not going to fly to Sweden any more - at least immediately. I have taken my due turn in the school run (which I am now likely to hold for eternity). Archaeologist Husband has been happy - and desperate - in relation to the election result. I think many people spent lull hours on Friday staring in despair to their computer screen and moaning in Facebook and Twitter. It will be a scary five years, where non-citizens like me may wonder if we can stay with our families. Will there be any health services? Will there be decent schools for 'plebs'? Nevertheless, this is my home and the car breaking down made the possibility to get my citizenship wither away. We who are not millionaires have to make hard choices and we cannot become non-doms or buy our way.

Thank you Godless Father! (photo: AH)

When the whole country seems to be going with a cart to the $*#@, it is clearly time to start hoping that we can vote SNP soon. There was a party leader who seemed to believe in something, was articulate and was on OUR side, not on the side of the rich and powerful. No wonder many friends did consider voting for her!

Nevertheless, small matters bring happiness in uncertain times. The joy of seeing Number One Son discussing the everyday matters and playing complicated imaginary plays with his favourite toys are such wonderful leaps forward that they almost can cover for the general grimness. A fitting talk on a Finnish mothers' day!

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