Thursday, 20 December 2012

Intercultural Christmas

The Christmas holiday is nearing and the planned Christmas activities will take place. We have nothing major planned, but I will try to do gingerbread for the first time ever. I have never bothered to do them for myself or just for two, since the dough has to rest overnight, but this year I will do some with Number One Son. I wish this time I am just not having wishful thinking about interesting activities and good food, but he will be involved in using rolling pin and cookie cutters. It depends if he feels like doing it and there is nothing more interesting for him. Hohum, at least the house will smell Christmassy.

We celebrate a mixed Anglo-Finnish Christmas. We celebrate Christmas Eve according to the Finnish custom and will have some pork for food. The main stack of presents will be given on the Eve evening with us the adults only getting a nominal packet. Archaeologist Husband does insist to do the Christmas Stockings and has been shopping around and stocking stocking fillers. The stocking appears mysteriously onto my and Number One Son’s beds before the morning. Last year I woke up when Archaeologist Husband tried to pass the stocking to the end of the bed. Embarrassing for the ‘Father Christmas’ and me.

In England the Christmas Calendar has one chocolate more for Number One Son than in the Nordic countries. On Christmas Day we will have some duck. I would prefer Goose, but from the previous experience we know that with all the hot fat oozing from the bird and the need to drain the dish it will be dangerous with an unreliable toddler in the tow. I have to surrender and serve some Brussels sprouts at some point, but I so prefer green beans.

On Boxing Day we will have fish following a Finnish custom. No salted cod though, since I do not like it. We will enjoy some salmon with vegetables instead. The desserts will be cheesecake – just because it is so nice. We have some minced pies, but they have a tendency to stay in the pack. Chocolate will do for any other occasion; with coffee or for dessert. I have not made my mind about doing some rice porridge in one of the mornings, but I probably will give it a pass. I will become hungry and want my breakfast before the pudding rice will be cooked.

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