Thursday, 13 December 2012

First navity play

Our nursery had placed their navity play nicely on 12/12/12 so there is now a date to remember. If only they it had been possible to organise at 12.12 pm...

This was Number One Son’s first navity play. However, he has been on the stage before. Last Saturday he ‘participated’ in an elf sing & play in the local Finnish school in its Christmas party. In that occasion the schedule was late and he and another boy lost interest. They firmly lied down onto the stage and stayed there – no matter how much the teacher and the other children danced and jumped around. The cheeky two did whatever they wanted on the stage. Luckily, the other toddler was leading...

This time the navity play event was packed. The children were delightful, but we at the back hardly saw anything. One had to use one’s smart phone in order to see the stage area properly. Nevertheless, the Whoopsy Daisy Angel was a joy. Number One Son, who had jumped out of joy in a rehearsal I saw when picking him up, was too tired at the end of the day and was rubbing his eyes most of the time. At least he remained staying up with the other shepherds and did not cry or run away or lie flat on the stage area.

The decision to have all the children performing at the same time this same evening resulted with a cramped viewing area and a chaos afterwards. It took ages to find our son and his proper clothes and prepare him for the walk home in the ice cold evening. I can understand that the children looked extremely cute and the stage was lively with all the toddlers on stage at the same time. In addition, the personnel were there after hours, too, and it would probably be too much for them in the days before the holidays to do it all twice. Nevertheless, the parents had enjoyed it more.

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