Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Love for a Car

Some children have their teddy bears and our Number One does have his Mr Hare, too. But he likes toy cars very much indeed and his heart belongs to a very special red McQueen. His ‘Vroom vroom’ is constantly misplaced and looked for. It is taken to bed and it travels with him everywhere we go. Most sweetly, he put rhe Car to a swing the other day and gave it a ride like it was another toddler or a teddy bear.

We parents are constantly anxiously trying to keep track of the Car and many times Archaeologist Husband ‘excavates’ the cushions of our sofa or armchair and moves the furniture. The other day in the twilight on the way back from the park Number One Son threw the Car to an ornamental bush when we passed by. I managed to find the other Car he threw with his Vroom Vroom but not the anxiously missed article. I had to take a torch and return to the scene in the darkness. Luckily to all concerned, I did find his Vroom Vroom.

Unfortunately, the Car was less fortunate a couple of days ago. On the way to the nursery Number One Son tumbled and in the hurry to clean his hands and to run to our destination before the breakfast time, I did not realize that the Vroom Vroom was not with us anymore. I only realized it was gone when he did not hand it over in the nursery and it was not on the armchair arm at home. On the way to the car before driving to Cambridge I checked the point where Number One Son had tumbled. Yes, I did find the Vroom Vroom but one of the neighbours had been quicker and driven over the Car, which was now flatter than it used to be. Archaeologist Husband wanted to spare our Son from the view of the damaged ex-Car. Thus, we needed some replacement action and hope that the Car Number Three is luckier than the previous ones!

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