Thursday, 1 December 2011

Potty anxiety

The fact that we had little experience in small children before the arrival of Number One Son is apparent from our lack of awareness about potty training. We paid some vague attention to the few failed attempts the parents of Number One Cousin had in potty training. In addition, Number One Son has shown little awareness of his bowl and other movements until lately.

When we all seemed to be ready for potty training as a possible next move, it was already well into the autumn. It was also well into the local birthday season, which gives plenty of possibilities for comparing experiences. Since many of the toddlers we now head for their second birthday, I have realized that many of the parents have now managing to get their toddlers out of nappies. One should never compare but how one manages not to!

Number One Son showed marked hostility towards his blue potty. This may have something to do with me losing my temper once when he pooed on the bathroom floor... The potty was pushed aside when we tried to show it to him. However, in the nursery he has been ‘trialling’ sitting on a potty.

A friend suggested to try a potty of a different colour and model. Her son always heads downstairs to avoid their blue potty and uses the yellow one. I took her advice and managed to find one of those bright Fisher&Price potties from the Nearly New Sale. To my surprise and joy, Number One Son loves it and voluntarily sits on it – for two seconds or three. Now all we need is a dirty, dirty Christmas. We have to remove the rugs for the festive season!

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