Sunday, 2 April 2017

Birthday panic

This year Number One Son's birthday caused a little bit of a panic. Only in my mind but anyway... All was finde when I booked the venue he had hoped for - that is Laserforce in Leicester - so that he and his mates can have a laser fight. However, the alarm bells should have rang when all but one slot were free. I just thought that it was because it was the day clocks went foreward and the English summer time started. No, it was because it was the Mothering Day!

Of course, when we noticed that from the school's invitation to the mother's day event at the school, it was already too late. The invitations had gone out and the first guests had informed us that they would come. However, there were more cancellations in the RSVPs than normally. Next year one has to be very careful with the different celebrations. I think Easter will be in March again then.

In the end, it all went relatively smoothly. There were some guests, there were money and presents. There were cards. And the Laserforce did have mothers' day special where the mothers went free, so me and another mother braved ourselves and joined the youngters. I did spend quite a time as a dead body since the oldest of the kids had positioned himself into a sniper position...

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