Saturday, 8 August 2015

Summer holiday entertainment

The Abbey Park fairground this year

This summer holiday we are working a bit on the shoestring, taking turns in entertaining Mr Wriggly, aka Number One Son. After a week in Italy for a worktrip, I needed to pull my socks up, so I took the main responsibility - although the workload before our small trip to the south to see family is starting to weigh my down. Nevertheless, Number One Son has some days in the local play scheme as well, so we are not entertaining him totally alone.

Kids run towards Bradgate House

The week started with a trip to the Abbey Park to see the Pet Corner, feed the ducks and swans, play in the playground, visit the fairground and have an icecream. It was nice, almost a sunny day and I saw a friend from the NCT while there. Number One Son made random new friends and generally was having fun - until we had to leave the fairground. The whining, the whining.

Nearly there

On Tuesday we had a friend and her children for a picnic visit. We took the public footpath to the Bradgate Park and had a pleasant picnic next to the Bradgate House. The children got together like the house on fire. They ran through the fields and hid in the grain. We finished the day with a stop in the playground.

On the walk around Crags

On Thursday I took Number One Son with me to Creswell Crags. He really would have liked to join the groups visiting the caves and have a hard hat on, but I could see the future before me: Just dragging him off the stones, missing the art, telling him off talking to different people and keeping them away from hearing the guide and telling him that we will keep going around with the group even if he is bored. I decided against it. I will make another trip if and when needed and revisit all the digital resources instead. Nevertheless, we had marvellous time in the playground there and a great picnic.

An open smaller cave

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