Saturday, 14 March 2015

Motherless Mother's Day

Even if I have lived in UK for years, the actual date of the British Mother's Day always leaves me with an empty look. We Finns have chosen to follow the Americans in this one and have ours in May. Last year, I managed to hit the school event just by chance by actually turning up at the school gate while coming back home for Number One Son's birthday. This year I have been painfully aware that I will probably fail to do any kind of input, because I have to teach just before Son's birthday, so my return to home is late. And as I had been afraid of, I heard yesterday on Friday that Number One Son had done a card for me at school. Yes, it is Mother's Day, Mothering Sunday this Sunday on March 15.

Not that I have much time to feel sorry about myself or Number One Son - nor Archaeologist Husband who probably gets pitiful looks from the nearby people. I am so hectically busy with trying to guarantee we have something to live on and make sure I do not totally embarrass myself during the conference season that I barely noticed that the different items online providing tips what to give Mum or how to celebrate have started to creep to the web pages. I am not probably the only mother who has to feel guilty on Sunday - and I can re-ensure you: it does not feel nice. But those lectures do not do themselves... Happy Mothering Sunday!

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