Monday, 14 October 2013

The screaming sound of silence

The daily event that really makes my heart bleed as a mother who tried to bring up her son bilingual is my daily ’Good night’ routine. As you know, this happens over Skype, since I and Number One Son are in the different countries due to my temporary contract. But every night I try to be there at the same time at my lap top and read a stretch of a Finnish or Nordic children’s book in Finnish. And every night I finish with wishing him ‘Good night’.

When I say this in Finnish, he does not react in any way. When I say ‘Good night’ in English, he may answer. At least he will do it when prompted by his father. Nevertheless, those few silent seconds after my ‘Hyvää yötä’ are the longest in my daily life. They scream the fact that my son has made his mind up.

1 comment:

  1. Ulla, do not give up. I recognize your frustration but children learn language even by listening. It is common that they respond in the language they use most often but it does not mean that they are not learning. Just wait, one day, when he is a bit older and you are all in a Finnish speaking environment - and a lot of Finnish will be there when needed.