Thursday, 6 June 2013

Mr Grumpy

Sometimes driving with Number One Son is far from fun. There is this window in the late afternoon when his blood sugar is low and he starts to be tired of all the activities during the day. This time of the day coincides with the time when you normally are returning from different places. If it is the Finnish Saturday School on every other Saturday or a visit to the park on Sunday. When walking, you have to drag or trick your off-spring to follow you. If you are driving, you may have more noise than you have bargained for.

Just today I was returning from a shopping trip - against Number One Son's will. Even going to the shopping centre was too much - which I can understand - but you cannot avoid necessary purchases. I am sure he would have liked to have a pop to the museum or to the city farm instead. Naturally, being a weekday after his nursery, it was also the time all the workers were returning home from the Walkers factory nearby. Not only did I have to queue, but also listen to the continuous chorus of 'No, no, no', Followed by my repeated 'yes, yes, YES'. Slowly, slowly, the resistance was futile.

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