Thursday, 14 March 2013

Bad mother...

I and Archaeologist Husband realized last week that we really have to plan Number One Son's birthday party. You have to give the invitations at least two weeks before. We managed this after opting for an intimate home party (‘intimate’ in this case referring to the size of our front room – estate agents would say ‘bijou’). Somehow the actions where left for me, but that does not matter so much, since I quite like parties. At least I got it right this time.

There are small things I miss when dropping Number One Son to the nursery. The continuous flow of different charity activities normally passes me totally by. I do not bake – mainly from the consideration for the others – and I dare to say that I am not that excited about the Children in Need or Red Nose Day. However, I really have to start pay attention to these dressing up days, though, since children actually like them. I managed to take the costume to the nursery after dropping Number One Son there. I even managed to be without handing in my contribution afterwards – nobody collected the money and reminded me at the end of the day. Or the beginning of the next.

However, I have totally forgotten about providing Number One Son a drinks bottle to the nursery. Since the nursery has been handing out the old ones, I was wondering, if they had started to make the children to drink from the cups or mugs as Number One Son does at home. I had just finally realized that the bottle I had taken to the nursery a long time ago had somehow wandered back to our home. My assumption of ditching the bottles meant I did not leap into the action. On the contrary. However, about a week ago I realized that the bottles are still there and Number One Son was slurping from some random bottle. Thus, I managed to buy a bottle that duly wandered back to our home. Luckily, I managed to get the slippers in a long time ago. After contemplating it for weeks...

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