Thursday, 1 November 2012

Guest blogger

I was recently approached by the What to Expect web pages in order to write a guest blog for their Word of Mom blog. They were after an original blog for one week in October, which I duly provided, although if you have been reading my entries recently you will recognize the themes. My blog is in the Toddler section with a professional photograph to go with it.

This is not related to the What to Expect When You’re Expecting movie campaign – something I was originally a bit worried about taking how blogging is used in different forms of advertising. Both the movie and the web pages have sprung from the famous American baby manual. Luckily, they manuals and the web pages run well into the Toddlerhood, since Number One Son is hardly a baby. Only eternally the my little bump knocking every time when in bed I tried to turn on my tummy or too far on my side when in the womb.

The baby manual has been followed with a full series of manuals and the said online community. I myself was using a manual when Number One Son was small but I think that apart from rooting a strong routine we did not succeed in implementing all the advice in The Baby Whisperer, used before us by Number One Aunt. Her experiences 9 months before us was important, as was all peer support and social life found in the local NCT coffee group and city centre parent and baby group. This is why I ended up in the local branch committee, since I feel the social local side is important – no matter if it is in the coffee group or in the Children’s Centre or group. Number One Son is still playing with other children met in these groups and will go to school with them.

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