Thursday, 4 October 2012

Under the weather

The autumn has arrived with its colds. This is the time every working parent is afraid of and wonders during the 'season' if work will progress or not in the coming days. In our case the season started early. Before heading to Jersey Number One Son had a bout of cold but just recently he went down with something again. Every time this happens there are visible signs that make us realize that something is going to hit us. We as parents see this coming and have Calpol and thermometer at hand.

If our lively and bouncy Number One Son suddenly becomes withdrawn and quiet, we know that something is brewing up. If we are visiting Number One Cousin’s house and Number One Son prefers to rest on the sofa instead of insisting getting into the garden and to the climbing frame, it is clear that all is not well. If he refuses to have animal biscuits and does not pay any attention to Marmite toast, he definitely has lost his appetite.

A day or two watching DVDs and children’s programmes should result with the kind of boredom that leads to a miraculous recovery. It really is miraculous recovery; one moment Son is lying vacantly on the sofa and the next he just gets up and starts playing with his toys. The colds seem to vanish as quickly as they appear.

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