Thursday, 26 July 2012

Finally summer!

I did not expect that two sunny days in a row over a weekend would make me this happy. It also meant that Number One Son could enjoy adventures locally in a relatively dry landscape. Despite of the loud protests from Archaeologist Husband who had to stay at home to see through a visit from a potential house-buyer I and Number One Son headed again to the Bradgate Park. This time we left the car to a car park nearest to the Old John folly. This choice was made after my friend suggested that there should be good outcrops for Number One Son to climb.

Archaeologist Husband protested especially against me calling some food for Number One Son and I as a ‘picnic’. This was mainly because I decided to take our picnic rucksack with us in order to carry the nibbles and my purse. But suggesting that we would enjoy ourselves while he was in a more mundane duty only one day after he was back was too much for him to bear. Which I feel bad about, but since this summer has been so dismal, one cannot let a sunny Sunday to pass by without some serious time outside. At least he did miss carrying around all the stuff needed. Naturally, I had to take Number One Son’s change bag and the potty. Number One Son is afraid of public toilets and placing a potty onto ground and let him to do his business ‘al fresco’ makes things tolerably to all parties. His stroller is needed to move all little bags needed around as much as cart Number One Son after his energy will run out.

It was a good thing that I did take the change bag since there was a smelly accident – despite Number One Son protesting the contrary. Luckily, there is a small woodland enclosure next to the Old John. Number One Son could keep most of his modesty intact while I got him back into a presentable state. It turned out that Number One Son also likes to climb trees – albeit of a stump and trunk variety. As my friend had suggested the slate outcrops were just right for Number One Son, He also enjoyed the Old John and the war memorial. Not as we would, as monuments in beautiful view spots but as constructions to climb and walk on. The ledge around the Old John seemed to be a hit with other small children as well.

After enjoying the sun and the views for a couple of hours and having an ice cream we headed back to find the grumpy Archaeologist Husband explaining that there had been a no show. Taking into account the weather the only right move was to take him to a pub beer garden to down a few well-deserved pints while exhausted Number One Son was snoozing in the stroller.

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