Friday, 29 June 2012

Summer fairs and barbecues

The last weekend of June seemed to be extremely busy for all kind of summer events. There were school fairs everywhere, including our village, and other summer events. I and Number One Son took the full advantage of the convenient coincident when the local Finnish midsummer celebrations and a village carnival in Thurlaston were on the same day. Although the weather forecasts were suggesting an overcast day with rain in early evening, we stayed dry.

The only drawback was that Number One Son was much more interested in other children’s toys in the garden of our headmistress than any event on the village green. Similarly, biscuits were preferred over the country dance presentation by the local elementary school children. I had to drag Number One Son away from the toy cars in order to see the Melton Mowbray brass band performing. Agility show was no big hit either; an old-fashioned roundabout was much more fun. The entertainment was provided by dropping Number One Son’s coat in the green. I had not even realized losing it but I heard a tannoy announcement about a yellow and black coat, probably fitting a three-year-old. A trip to the announcement car was fruitful and we left the green with all our possessions.

The only event Alex got really excited about was the crafts marquee. Unfortunately, I had left my purse in my rucksack in the headmistress’s house; thus, I had to convince Number One Son to pass the tables selling cup cakes, jewellery, postcards, knick-knacks and ceramic arty items very quickly. The floor surface of the marquee was a mud swell and I felt I really should have put my old shoes on. Now my better leather shoes are caked with mud and require thorough cleaning. Nevertheless, I managed to flavour this very sympathetic carnival before heading to our Finnish barbecue.

The midsummer barbecue was a very civilized event; after all, most people had to drive to Thurlaston. At least one mother did drink the obligatory midsummer beer. The barbecue was very successful though since there were a couple of new families who had just recently moved to the area with their boys. This suggests that the future of the Finnish Saturday School will be very noisy indeed. However, Number One Son just kept running around with Number One Girl Friend and her older sibling. Even if he hardly remembered to eat, I was content he got definitely enough exercise this Saturday!

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