Thursday, 17 November 2011

New approaches

This summer on our summer holiday before heading to Archaeologist Husband’s father’s house we had a small tour of a few sites in Tuscany. Unlike before we faced visiting the sites with a two-year-old. This meant a new approach to sightseeing and an acknowledgement that the days of spontaneous walks and long lunches were over. This trip was all about realistic timetabling, baby food packs and sensible accommodation.

However, it is the sites unvisited before in Italian towns that underlined the change in our circumstances and our new responsibilities. Never before have I visited intentionally a playground in Italy or paid any attention on their whereabouts. Except that new one in Trastevere next to the market – you see it when you pass it but think nothing more about it.

In Volterra the Etruscan acropolis turned out to be disappointing with no proper view across the town or landscape. Nevertheless, this public park had a play area with a climbing frame and slide. This made at least one member of our family content. The park also had public drinking water fountains and a cafeteria, so it was THE place to spend a hot afternoon even if the steps there were quite steep and we had to carry the stroller up and down.

In Murlo on the way to a minimarket we spotted a small but delightful play area next to the town hall whereas in Chiusi I Forti Park on the eastern side of the town had one. Conveniently, the large play area was next to a free car park and the view over the river valley was decent, too. Both these playgrounds were in a relative shade covered by some trees. Luxurious on a hot day!

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