Thursday, 13 October 2011

Spiders and star fish on Victoria Island

Earlier this year we finally made it to Canada to see Number One Son’s Greatgrandmother. Although the cost was considerably higher than with the originally planned date before our Son turned two, him having a seat of his own was heaven sent. The idea to try to make him to sit on our lap in turns for hours (eleven to be precise) still makes me shiver. He was already quite big and heavy and on the inward flight he was rather unsettled. Luckily, the return flight was overnight so he was sleeping as if it had been a normal night.

For me the memories of the whole trip are a bit hazy because of Number One Son’s jetlag and his habit to wake up at 2am and stay up for hours. Nevertheless, I really liked Victoria Island and hope we one day have enough money to visit the island, Vancouver and the area properly. After all, Victoria is the capital of British Columbia with a theatre, museums and universities. The landscape is vaguely familiar to a northern European with dark green forests and grey bedrock.

Since Archaeologist Husband’s Cousin has a day nursery, it was natural that we visited a few toddler friendly places. Number One Son may have a limited attention span but even he enjoyed the creepy crawlies in the Victoria Bug Zoo and he was curious about all those petting star fish in the Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre in Sidney. For a short while in the Bug Zoo he got excited about spiders and grasshoppers but then the buzz and the crowds of the local half term became too much and he lost interest. In the Ocean Discovery Centre the sea life puzzle with a magnetic fishing rod was the highlight of his day. It was a shrewd move from the owners of the centre to put this puzzle on display since we were not the only ones who left with one from their Discovery Centre shop...

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