Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Bright Orange Stroller

I ended up buying this orange stroller totally randomly in the January sales at the end of my maternity leave. I had no intension to buy an orange one, just a stroller of a particular maker my friend who tested strollers for her work as a freelancer in a baby magazine had recommended. However, I could not resist a bargain and little did I know that that bright colour would be very useful when visiting different landmarks in grey central Rome the same chilly January.

Although parents like me are normally eager to see their offspring to pass different milestones of their development in an average time if not earlier, the truth is that travelling with a baby who is not crawling or walking is a blessing. No fingers in any plugholes in unfamiliar rooms, no danger of falling down steep, long stairs. Just a small stationary smiley person happily giggling to an adoring waiter while sitting on a restaurant table - with the orange stroller folded away in the corner.

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